Каталог продукции

Catalogue of Products

The catalog contains the products which are turned out by the State Scientific Institution "Powder Metallurgy Institute" over the past few years. Here you can find not only the products which have been already used in mass production, but also the single samples turned out in shot run in the pilot production of the institute.

The main thing that should be noted is that the institute is scientific institution, and its basic task consists not in large-scale release but in producing absolutely new, essentially modified units and parts. The performance of works is based on scientific evidence. If there are no products of a certain type in the catalogue it does not mean that our scientists and our pilot production would not cope with its development, turn out and implementation. You can get full information having contacted specific department or having sent a request to our e-mail.

The catalogue is simple and intuitively clear to use. All products are divided into sections. To open the section it is necessary to click it and the content of the chosen section will be displayed. The same result will be if you choose appropriate section in the navigation menu Products